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Attic Insulation SeattleDid you know that attics are the top problem when it comes to heat loss in your home? One of the main factors of heat loss is that your insulation R-values are constantly being depleted. As insulation ages, its ability to resists heat decreases along with its effectiveness. In addition, insulation that has been subjected to moisture or has compressed over time does not provide its labeled R-value. So unless you’ve replaced you home’s attic insulation recently, you probably don’t have as much protection as you think. This will cause your energy bill to increase in the summer, as your A/C will run longer to cool your house, and in the winter, as your furnace will have to run longer to heat your home.

Our Attic Insulation Process

  • Install baffles as needed to protect air vents
  • Blow in new insulation for optimum R-value
  • Supply hatch door with proper insulation
  • Seal any rodent access points

Attic insulation is not just an improvement, but also an investment. In value per dollar, attic insulation is unbeatable. Typically attic insulation pays for itself in cost savings within a year. It’s perhaps the best investment you’ll ever make in your home. Best of all, there are often thousands of dollars you can save with rebates from the government.

If you need a dependable attic insulation contractor and you live in Seattle, WA or the surrounding areas, we can help. We provide quality service at low prices and excellent customer service.

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