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Conserving Condominiums and Apartment Buildings Pest Free

Apartment Pest Control SeattlePreventative pest control is necessary in residential management, a parasite problem in one apartment, left unchecked, can spread throughout the structure carrying potential viruses and infection. As soon as bugs have access to a structure they require minor food and water to increase and thrive!

A pest problem can adversely affect your occupancy rate and your facility’s credibility.

Redi Nationals proactive strategy to pest control is the initial step to pest management in apartment buildings and condos; we thoroughly examine the residential property to examine the threat and prevent a pests problem from taking hold.

Your local Redi National Specialist will frequently inspect your apartment structure to look for indications of pest activity, solve active concerns, encourage and recognize possible risks of invasions. They will also inform you on steps you can take to decrease the danger of pest problems. Below are some simple steps you can follow to discourage pest from thriving in your apartment complex;

  • Use compactors and keep trash bins closed
  • Store food in glass or plastic containers
  • Trim your plants on roofs or balconies as they are feeding grounds for insects
  • Maintain drains clean and clear of food and debris
  • Ensure basements are dry and debris free

Our Property Management Commitment

Our rapid response commitment implies that your Redi National Technician will be with you that same day to deal with any pest issues and to prevent reappearance. You can also be guaranteed that Redi National pest specialists are experienced, skilled professionals, that are state licensed, qualified applicators and are required to get involved in routine training programs to preserve their experience. They also have respect for you, your house, household and your time.

Our Seasonal Pest Treatment Schedule


Every spring a variety of pest types start breeding. Our exterminators will make sure you don’t have an infestation in the works. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, spiders and cockroaches


The heat means pest activity is high. Our exterminators will protect your home to make sure the pest stay out. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, stinging pests and house crickets


With the drop in temperature pest seek warmth. Our pest technicians will make sure your home is protected from pest infestations.

Top Pest Threats:

Spiders, mice and rats


Pest need warmth and moisture to survive the cold winter months. We will make sure your home stays protected during the winter. 

Top Pest Threats:

Mice, spiders and Earwigs

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