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When it comes to the most advanced Commercial Pest Control Services, you won’t find a more experienced company than Redi National Pest Eliminators. Redi National has been the Northwest’s leading provider of Restaurant Pest Control Services for the past 30 years.

restaurant pest control seattleWe have helped hundreds of restaurateurs in and around the Seattle, WA area to combat their pest control issues. We pride ourselves in having a commercial division of our company that is ready to combat any pest issue a restaurateur may encounter. We are so confident that we can completely eliminate pests from your restaurant that we offer the best guarantee in the industry. Below is a detailed description of what we can do to keep pests out of your restaurant.

The pest control program for a restaurant has three steps:

  • Inspection – The goal is to get a basic idea of where the pests are making their home and where they are getting their food supply.
    • Check possible hiding spots for live pests, feces, cast skins and egg cases. All rodents, roaches and flies usually leave behind some evidence of active infestations.
    • Inspect anything that can provide shelter to the pests, such as trash bins, floor drains, kitchen equipment, sinks, wall voids, electrical outlets, electrical boxes, appliance legs, cracks, hollow tubing or any void where a rodent or insect may have taken up residence.
  • Proper Sanitation – This is a key element of proper pest control. Trash bins, floors, sinks and kitchen equipment should be cleaned on a daily basis, before closing the restaurant for the night. Any one of these areas could lead to a pest infestation if not cleaned.
  • Exclusion – This means keeping the pests out before they become a problem. Always make sure that your weather seals around your doors and windows are tight. Caulk any opening to wall voids then close all open doors and un-screened windows. Treating the outside area of your restaurant can help prevent pest from invading indoors.

The three pest we most commonly encounter in and around Seattle restaurants are roaches, flies and rodents. When you consistently follow the three steps mentioned above, in conjunction with proper pesticide application, most pest problems can be reduced and controlled.

How we get rid of roaches in a restaurant:

When we are dealing with roaches in a restaurant setting, we usually limit treatment to cracks, crevices and wall voids, as this is where roaches spend most of their time.

  • We then apply roach bait in cracks or crevices where roach feces have been found.
  • We apply insecticide dust or foam into wall voids where plumbing pipes exist and in wall voids behind stoves and dishwashers. These walls are the most likely to have cockroaches hiding inside due to the humidity provided by the pipes.
  • Finally, we apply liquid insecticides combined with insect growth regulator to offer better control. We only use pesticides that are meant to be sprayed in food handling establishments. Our sprays are non-toxic for humans, so you won’t have to worry about contaminating food prep surfaces. We also apply protective barriers outside the restaurant to block insects from entering the establishment.

How we get rid of flies in a restaurant:

Fly management is one of the most difficult forms of pest control in restaurants, since flies can come in quickly when deliveries are being made, trash is taken out or when customers are entering the restaurant. Flies, like roaches, are usually associated with poor sanitation procedures. Areas in the restaurant not cleaned properly or where standing water is left unchecked are potential problem areas.

  • Our pest control technicians first inspect inside and outside the restaurant to find the breeding area for the flies. They check garbage cans, loose floor tiles, floor and sink drains, behind and under equipment to try and locate the nest.
  • Since there are many types of flies that can invade a food service environment such as drain flies, fruit flies, vinegar flies, phorid flies, blown flies and common house flies, we treat each fly problem differently.
  • We try to eliminate flies at the trash dumpster before they move indoors by applying fly baits in all trash collecting areas.
  • Indoors, we place fly light traps in areas where they are hidden from public view.
  • On sink and floor drains, which are notorious breeding ground for many flies, we use an enzyme-based cleaner. We apply this cleaner in all the drains to eliminate any organic matter in which flies can breed.
  • If fruit flies are a concern in or around food areas, we place natural fly traps to keep them away from food while still not contaminating the food area.

How we get rid of rodents in a restaurant:

Rats and mice are notorious for making their way into a restaurant. They can find even the tiniest structural crack and force their way in. Below are the steps we take to prevent these rodents from coming into your restaurant.

  • We first locate all the entry points and seal them with copper mesh or foam.
  • We then place rodent bait stations near dumpster areas and along outdoor structures walls to kill rodents outdoors.
  • If there is a rat or mouse infestation already in the commercial kitchen, we use glue board and/or snap traps. We place the traps near areas where the rodents, droppings, or damage has been found.

We never use or recommend rodenticides (rat poison or mouse poison) in indoor areas. A rodent could succumb to the effects of the bait and die in an area that is inaccessible, causing a horrible stench, flies, maggots, roaches and beetles.

If you feel that you have any of the pest issues described above, don’t wait until it’s too late to take control of the situation. Call one of our pest control experts to set up your free restaurant pest control inspection. You will be glad you called, as we do a thorough analysis of your restaurant and advise you on any issues that may need to be addressed. If we don’t find any issues, we will let you know, so you can rest assured knowing that your restaurant is free of pests.

Our Seasonal Pest Treatment Schedule


Every spring a variety of pest types start breeding. Our exterminators will make sure you don’t have an infestation in the works. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, spiders and cockroaches


The heat means pest activity is high. Our exterminators will protect your home to make sure the pest stay out. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, stinging pests and house crickets


With the drop in temperature pest seek warmth. Our pest technicians will make sure your home is protected from pest infestations.

Top Pest Threats:

Spiders, mice and rats


Pest need warmth and moisture to survive the cold winter months. We will make sure your home stays protected during the winter. 

Top Pest Threats:

Mice, spiders and Earwigs

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