Giant Huntsman aka Largest Spider in The World

The Giant Huntsman Spider is considered to be the world’s largest spider by leg-span. It was first discovered in northern Laos in 2001. This spider was one of thousands of plant and animals found between 1997 and 2007 in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. You would think a spider of this size would be easy to spot, you would be wrong. The Giant Huntsman likes to lurk around caves where most humans do not go.

Giant Huntsman Spider Appearance

These spiders are yellowish-brown and have dark spots on the rear half of their body. The legs have wide dark bands and are extremely long. The legs are and impressive 12 inches long while the body is only 1.8 inches long. Below you will find a picture of this spider:

Largest Spider In The World
This picture of The Giant Huntsman Spider was found on Flickr posted by author Petra & Wilfried

Luckily this spider species does not reside in the state of Washington. You can sleep in peace at night knowing this spider will never be crawling on your bed. We know that our Seattle Pest Control technicians are happy that this spider is not found in Seattle.

Everyone at Redi-National Pest Eliminators would like to know what is the largest spider you have ever seen in Seattle? You can share your pictures and comments below.

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