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Beetle Control

Beetle ControlBeetles are the most common insect in the world. There are a few that can cause varying amounts of destruction to a home, from the drugstore beetle which will get into pet food, grain products, nuts and cereals, to the powder post beetle which can bore into wood. Below are the most common beetles that cause damage in the Northwest.

Powder Post Beetle
Powder Post Beetles run from 3/52” to 5/16” in length. The destruction caused by these pests is characterized by a hole 1/32” to 1/8” in the infested wood. The resulting holes often have fine sawdust associated with them and may have lighter edges than the surrounding wood. Infestations often occur in furniture, untreated hardwood, and wooded timbers.

Drugstore Beetle
Drugstore Beetle is brownish and approximately 1/8” long with its bent downward. The adult beetle has distinct lines or grooves on the forewings. Possible infestations occur in dried pet food or any grain products.

Carpet Beetles
Carpet Beetles are smaller, elongated or oval shaped, and approximately 1/16” in size. They get their name because they are commonly found in carpeting made from materials of animal origin, such as wool. The most common Carpet Beetle in the Northwest is the Varied Carpet Beetle, which gets its name from the various colors on its back. Carpet Beetles frequently enjoy dining on carpets, woolen fabrics, dead insects, furs, feathers, hair or bones. They can also damage the fabric on clothing.

Flea Control

Fleas are about 1/16” long, brown, laterally flattened, and can hop from host to host. Flea control is best accomplished with a flea control treatment of the environment both inside and outside the home.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish are wingless, flattened, fish-shaped insects, usually not more than 1/2” long. They are shiny, silver or pearl-gray with three tail-like terminal appendages. Silverfish prefer temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and are commonly found near warmth or moisture. They can do considerable damage to natural or synthetic fibers and books or other paper products.

Indian Meal Moth Control

The Indian Meal Moth has reddish-brown forewing markings with a copper luster on the outer two-thirds, but whitish gray on the inner one-third. From wingtip to wingtip, adult moths measure from 5/8” to 3/4” long. They often infest on dried fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, bird seed, dog food and cereals.

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Our Seasonal Pest Treatment Schedule


Every spring a variety of pest types start breeding. Our exterminators will make sure you don’t have an infestation in the works. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, spiders and cockroaches


The heat means pest activity is high. Our exterminators will protect your home to make sure the pest stay out. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, stinging pests and house crickets


With the drop in temperature pest seek warmth. Our pest technicians will make sure your home is protected from pest infestations.

Top Pest Threats:

Spiders, mice and rats


Pest need warmth and moisture to survive the cold winter months. We will make sure your home stays protected during the winter. 

Top Pest Threats:

Mice, spiders and Earwigs

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