Seattle 13th Worst City For Bed Bugs

In a recent article published by king 5 news, it stated Seattle, WA was the 13th worst city for bed bugs in the United States. This came as a shock to Seattle residents as we are known for great coffee, beautiful summers and lots of rain.

Bed Bug Control SeattleAt Redi-National we are not surprised to hear this statistic, as we notice more bed bug related calls every summer. This has to do with the influx of people we get in Seattle to enjoy our beautiful summer. Traveling people usually tend to bring whatever they have back home, in this case bed bugs. Bed bugs can attach themselves to luggage, clothes and shoes. When these travelers stay in our hotels or with friends we get a bed bug infestation. It only takes two bed bugs to become thousands if left untreated for months.

The top 10 cities for bed bugs include Denver, New York, Dallas and Chicago which took the first place in the list.

Ways to prevent bed bugs

When you change your bed sheets, monitor the mattress for signs of bed bugs. Also keep an eye for bites on  your body as this might be clue to infestation. If you think you have a bed bug issue make sure to call Redi National as soon as you encounter the problem to avoid the bed bugs spreading to other parts of your home.

Bed bug treatment

Bed bugs are very pesky pest and are difficult to get rid of because they are hard to find and kill. 99% of the time you will need a professional pest control company like Redi National to take care of your bed bug problem. Although bed bugs crawling over your body at night is a scary thought, you do not need to panic. Redi National has treated hundreds of bed bug issues in their 31 years of service in Seattle. We have never encounter one bed bug problem we could not eliminate. Did we mention that we offer $50 off your bed bug treatment. You can look at our pest control coupons page for your money saving coupon. Call one of our pest control technicians today and we will be at your home the same day.

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