Seattle Pest Control Problems in Winter

Seattle winters are quite mild compared to many other regions of the U.S., Although it’s cold enough to draw pest in to your home. Since most pest do not like low temperatures they find refuge inside warm places. One of the main residence for pest during the winter are warehouses and homes. Pest Control in Seattle, WA in the winter can be quite challenging as the pest do not want to run away to the cold outside temperatures.Seattle Pest Control

Common pests during the Seattle winter

  • Rodents – Rats & Mice are some of the first to seek shelter during the Seattle winters. Both rats and mice can enter your home or business through small openings in your crawlspace, attic or walls. You can tell if you have rats or mice by droppings left around the house or listening for noise inside the wall or in your homes attic.
  • Cockroaches – These pests are some of the toughest to eliminate as they have been around since the age of the dinosaurs.  Roaches are survivors by nature and as soon as the temperature drops in Seattle, you can rest assured that they will seek refuge in your warm house. Cockroaches are easy to spot as they tend to hang around food which means they love the kitchen.
  • Ants – Carpenter Ants are some of the most common ants around your home during Seattle winters. They tend to hang out in your attic or inside your walls. Since they love wood they have a perfect dwelling inside your home during the winter. Even though ants seem harmless, you should treat them as soon as you spot them inside your home. Carpenter ants, if left  untreated can cause thousands dollars in structural damage inside your home.
  • Pest Control Solution

    If you feel you are the victim of winter pests invading your Seattle, WA home, contact Redi-National Pest Eliminators and one of our Pest Control Technicians will attend to your problem the same day. Did we mention we offer Free Pest Control Estimates. When it comes to Pest Control, there is no better solution than Redi-National.

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