Why Use A Pest Control Company?

Pests can be … well, a pest. Doing away with them can be an even bigger pest. That is why I would recommend leaving it to the specialists. Redi-National Pest control services are able not just to rapidly and efficiently get rid of pests, but prevent them too, so you don’t have a repeat invasion.

Seattle Pest ControlIf your lawn is embellished with a series of unpleasant molehills, your most likely desire is to get rid of these pesky creatures. A method you might try is making use of mole traps. You will have to buy several traps and they are not cheap.  Instead, opt for our professional pest control services, we currently have sufficient steel traps to corner moles, so that there is less possibility of them averting traps.

An additional example of pests you will possible wish to eradicate are bed bugs. These are small, oval shaped bugs that feed upon the blood of humans, leaving raised bumps on the skin in the area of bites. Eliminating bed bugs can be challenging, and an array of options could be required. Pesticides such as malathion, pyrethroids and dichlorvos are the most effective, however if used poorly, it can have unfavorable impacts on the wellness of users. Other techniques, of a mechanical nature, such as heat treating the mattress or using a special vacuum to lift the bed bugs. These strategies need costly equipment, and you will be unable to make use of things you already have in your home, such as a normal vacuum or a hairdryer. Trying to heat treat your own mattress can even lead to fire. For that reason, it is much more safe, effective and cost effective to get in touch with our pest control company, who can determine the particular area of the issue quickly, and immediately proceed to eradicate the pests forever.

Are you having an issue with pests at your home? Contact our pest control technicians and we can have one of our technicians the same day. We also offer free pest inspections with a detailed report of our findings.

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