We Stop Bed Bugs Before They Spread Like Wildfire

Bed bugs multiply quickly; the sooner you detect them, the faster you can exterminate them. Since a couple of bed bugs can turn into thousands in a couple of months, it is vital that at first signs of a bed bug problem you contact a professional to avoid future headaches of a massive bed bug attack.

We have been eliminating bed bug problems in the Seattle area since 1981. There is not one issue our pest control technicians have not been able to solve. With over 100,000 satisfied residential clients, you can rest assured we will protect your home from a bed bug infestation.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are challenging to treat as they multiply quickly, and in a couple of months, a few bed bugs can turn into thousands if left untreated. Our well-trained bed bug exterminators can detect and treat even the most difficult of bed bug problems.

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Our Bed Bug Extermination Process

If you think or have seen a bed bug in your home, the first step is to contact us. Our certified trained bed bug exterminating specialist will come to your home and asses if you have a bed bug issue. During this process, our technician will inspect your bed and furniture. We check cracks and crevices as bed bugs like to hide.

Once our inspection is complete, our pest control technician will recommend the best course of action if they detected bed bugs in your home. We will proceed to address your bed bug issue with proven methods that will get rid of bed bug larvae and the active community in your home. Our goal in this step is to exterminate the bed bugs to prevent them from breeding and biting you.

Since bed bugs are challenging to exterminate our pest control specialist will come back to your home for follow-up visits to ensure the treatment was effective in eradicating them. We will also provide you with guidelines to keep your home bed bug free.