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We go above, below and beyond to discourage pests.

Redi National has been an industry-leading provider of attic insulation and crawlspace cleanout services for the past 15 years. During this time, Redi has reconstituted thousands of crawlspaces and attics for homeowners to ensure that their homes are better insulated and pest free.

Insulation Contractor SeattleReconstituting an attic or crawlspace often includes the removal of old, inefficient and/or contaminated insulation and replacing it with new and more efficient insulation. The benefits of this service include increased heating efficiency, decreased energy bills and qualification for immediate tax rebates.

Redi National performs the following services to reconstitute your home’s attic and crawlspace to enhance the efficiency, health and safety of your home:

  • Insulation removal
  • Insulation installation
  • Vapor barrier replacement and installation
  • Debris removal
  • Rodent and animal carcass removal
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing services
  • Exclusion of openings and re-entry points


There are many benefits of having your crawlspace and attic reconstituted. First and foremost is the peace of mind homeowners experience knowing that their home is better insulated (saving money on energy bills) and free of not only rodents, but also secondary pests such as carpet beetles, flies and mites. A clean, well-insulated attic and crawlspace enhances the efficiency, health and safety of your home and family. In addition, Redi National excludes openings and other entry points to prevent unwanted pests from re-entering these areas. All of our service technicians take pride in each job they perform and have the knowledge and expertise required to treat the most challenging spaces.

Instant Rebates

There are also many financial incentives offered by state and federal governments that help with the cost of re-insulating your home. Having Redi National perform your attic and crawlspace work will qualify you for these immediate federal tax credits and rebates. We will provide you with all the details necessary to take advantage of these tax credits and rebates. In addition, we are able to offer instant rebates at the time of estimate so there is no need to fill out any paperwork or wait for reimbursement checks. This includes all rebates offered by state and local energy companies.

Puget Sound Energy offers up to $2,300 in instant rebates for the following weatherization measures:

For site-built homes, this rebate applies to homes permitted and built before 1990.

ENERGY STAR® whole house ventilation (electric only)Up to $150/unit
Whole house air sealing50 percent of the cost, up to $350
Prescriptive air sealing (attic and/or floor)50 percent of the cost, up to $200*
Attic insulation (R-11 to R-49)50 percent of the cost, up to $600
Wall insulation (R-0 to R-13)50 percent of the cost, up to $400
Floor insulation (R-11 to R-30)50 percent of the cost, up to $200
Prescriptive duct sealing and insulation (R-0 to R-11)50 percent of the cost, up to $400
Duct sealing only**50 percent of the cost, up to $300

*$100 per area for a total of up to $200 for prescriptive air sealing

**Applies to homes permitted and built before 2001; cannot be combined with other duct sealing rebates

For manufactured/mobile homes, this rebate applies to homes permitted and built before 2001.

ENERGY STAR whole house ventilation (electric only)Up to $50/unit
Prescriptive duct sealing – single wide$200
Prescriptive duct sealing – double/triple wide$400
Floor insulation (R-0 to R-22)50 percent of the cost, up to $600
How to qualify?
Customer requirements
  • You must be a current PSE residential electric or PSE natural gas*** customer.
  • You must use PSE electricity or PSE natural gas as the primary source of your home’s space heating.
  • You must live in a single-family property with four units or less.
  • You must live in a home permitted or built prior to 1990 for site-built homes, with the exception of the duct sealing only incentive; the home must be permitted and built before 2001.
  • You must live in a home permitted or built prior to 2001 for manufactured or mobile homes.
  • You must use a contractor who is a certified member of PSE’s Contractor Alliance Network (CAN).

PUD also offers their own incentive program. Each incentive payment is a one-time-per-measure offer, and the amount depends on the measure installed (see below). All work must be pre-authorized.

The rebate amount depends on the measure(s) installed (see below).

Eligible MeasuresPUD Rebate
Insulation50 cents per s.f.
Attic –  must be R-19 or less to R-49
Floor – must be R-11 or less to R-30 
Wall –  must be R-0 to R-11
Duct Sealing & Insulation 
Single Family
Manufactured homes
 – Single-wide
 – Double/Triple-wide
$5 per l.f. up to $450

Windows & Sliding Glass Doors
Single-pane to double/triple-pane U.30 or less$50/window
Double pane metal frame to double/triple pane U.30 or less$35/window

Who’s Eligible?

Customers who own an electrically heated detached single-family, manufactured home, townhouse or condominium up to three (3) stories in height would be eligible. Home or building must be located in Snohomish County or Camano Island.

Owners of electrically heated multi-family buildings and condominiums that have five (5) or more attached units and over three (3) stories in height may qualify for our Multifamily program.

Here’s how our Instant Rebate program works:

  1. Visit the page that applies to your project for details: weatherization or heating.
  2. Contact one or more PUD Registered Trade Allies for estimates. To receive a rebate, the work must be done by a PUD Registered Trade Ally.
  3. Select a PUD Registered Trade Ally, have the work done, and collect your instant rebate.
  4. PUD Registered Trade Ally submits the rebate application and any supporting documentation for you.
  5. PUD reviews and approves the rebate application and performs any required inspections.
  6. PUD pays the rebate amount to the contractor.

Crawlspace Cleanout

Before our technicians perform any work, we prepare the entire area and path leading to your crawlspace. This helps protect the rest of your home from further contamination.

Once inside the crawlspace, our technicians will remove all contaminated insulation, vapor barrier, debris and rodent or other animal carcasses. During this process, we use a HEPA filter vacuum to maintain a healthy environment and eliminate the possibility of air contamination. Once we have thoroughly cleaned the crawlspace, a decontaminating /deodorizing spray is applied to further sanitize the crawlspace.

All contaminated insulation, feces, vapor barrier and debris will be bagged in specialized disposal bags designed to trap all contaminants.

Before re-installing the new insulation and vapor barrier, Redi National will seal all crawlspace entry points that rodents might use. The most important part of this process is to determine how they entered the home and seal each point of entry in order to keep the pests out permanently. Since rats can get into openings the size of a dime, Redi National technicians use their years of experience to detect the infiltration point(s). This fact alone makes us the best company for the job.

Once the cleanup, decontamination and exclusion work is completed, a Redi National technician will then install new insulation and vapor barrier to code, while abiding by all regulations.

Attic Cleanout

Before our technicians perform any work, we prepare the entire area and path leading to your attic. This helps to protect the rest of your home from further contamination.

Typically, there are two types of insulation used in the attic: loose fill (blown-in) insulation or batted insulation, which comes in strips or rolls. For loose-fill insulation, Redi National utilizes a specialized vacuum system connected to approximately 150 feet of hose. The vacuum is positioned outside the home and a large volume filter bag is used to collect the insulation. This process is not only efficient, but also keeps the home from being further contaminated by the insulation removed from the attic. Batted insulation will be bagged and properly removed in 3M industrial strength trash bags. Redi National will then use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove all remaining contaminants.

Before reinstalling new insulation, Redi National will seal all attic entry points utilized by rodents and birds. This ensures your attic will be closed off and pests won’t be able to infiltrate. Once Redi National has thoroughly cleaned and excluded the attic, a decontamination/deodorizing spray is used to further sanitize the space.

Redi National will then install new insulation (blown or batted) to code. Redi National technicians are trained in installing insulation while abiding by all regulations.

Quality Assurance

As part of our Quality Assurance Program and guaranteed customer satisfaction, all work is inspected by a Redi National Supervisor to confirm that each job passes our 15-point quality checklist. This ensures all work is completed to Redi National’s and our customers’ high standards.

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