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Call Redi-National if you are experiencing problems with wasps in your home and live in and around the Seattle, WA area. Our wasp control experts are ready at a moments notice to tackle any wasp issue you may have.  Wasps tend to become very aggressive in the late summer and fall and will sting without being provoked.  This is why we advice if you see a nest in your house or commercial property you contact Redi-National immediately so we can take care of the problem the same day.

Wasp Behavior and Habits

Wasp Control Seattle, WAThe term wasp is a very general one, encompassing a wide range of species, including yellow jackets and hornets. They vary in size from microscopic to several centimeters long, but most are characterized as having two pair of wings and a pinched waist. There are solitary wasps, that operate alone, and also social wasps, which build nests and colonies. Wasps are frequently mistaken for bees, and vice versa, though wasps usually have less hair. Like bees, most can sting if threatened, but wasps tend to be more territorial and aggressive, and are usually capable of stinging more than once.After hibernating through the winter, wasps start to build paper-like nests in late spring. They continue to increase the size of the nest and number of workers until late summer, when workers are at their peak, and the production of new queens and males begins. A typical wasp’s nest can vary in size from the size of a grapefruit to the size of a basketball. Nests are usually found in sunny spots, hanging from trees, but have also been located in the ground, walls, voids, landscaping, attics, and crawlspaces. Because wasp come in many shapes and sizes, we custom tailor our wasp control process, to the most suitable treatment of these pests.

Our Wasp Control Process

Although they are generally considered pests, wasps can be beneficial to mankind. A few species function as pollinators, while others help to control insect populations that prey on agricultural crops. But, because they are aggressive and stings can cause serious allergic reactions, it isn’t safe to have them around residential or commercial areas.If you are having issues with wasps or bees, call one of our wasp control experts and they will assist you immediately.

Our Seasonal Pest Treatment Schedule


Every spring a variety of pest types start breeding. Our exterminators will make sure you don’t have an infestation in the works. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, spiders and cockroaches


The heat means pest activity is high. Our exterminators will protect your home to make sure the pest stay out. 

Top Pest Threats:

Ants, stinging pests and house crickets


With the drop in temperature pest seek warmth. Our pest technicians will make sure your home is protected from pest infestations.

Top Pest Threats:

Spiders, mice and rats


Pest need warmth and moisture to survive the cold winter months. We will make sure your home stays protected during the winter. 

Top Pest Threats:

Mice, spiders and Earwigs

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