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Don’t Let Termites Destroy the Value of Your Home

Termite colonies can increase to about 1 million workers who can destroy 100 pounds of wood per year. In the Seattle area, termites cause, on average, $3,300 in damage per year. Subterranean termites are usually the cause of most damaged homes in Washington state. With a proper termite prevention program in place, you could save thousands in termite damage

We have been eliminating termite problems in the Seattle area since 1981. There is not one issue our pest control technicians have not been able to solve. With over 100,000 satisfied residential clients, you can rest assured that we will protect your home from a termite infestation.


How Do I Get Rid Of Termites?

The only reliable solution to a termite problem is to launch an all-out attack. Your call to Redi National means you’ve brought in the best-trained, best-equipped Termite Control Team.

Our Termite control programs are designed to prevent infestations. Our 100% pest-free guarantee means your problem is solved for good.

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Common Termites In The Seattle Region

The subterranean termite is the most common destroyer of homes in the Seattle Region. These termites build their nest underground, and the first signs of problems are usually detected when the wood accumulates with soil or mud. These termites love softwood to avoid an infestation, and it is best to avoid building homes where the wood touches the ground.

The western drywood termite is rarely seen in Seattle but does occasionally infest homes along the coast of Washington State. You can easily detect a termite infestation from this species as they leave piles of brownish fecal pellets.

Dampwood termites, although common in Washington State are less likely to damage your home. This species of termite is much larger than the subterranean termite. As their name reflects, they love wood that is damp. You will usually find them on fallen logs, collapsed tree branches or tree stumps. If these termites do access your home, they usually hollow your support beams, which leads to a lot of headaches and frustrations.

Frequently asked questions

In Seattle, the most prevalent termite species include the Western Subterranean Termite and the Dampwood Termite. Each species requires a different control strategy, and our team is well-equipped to handle them effectively.

Signs of a termite infestation include wood that sounds hollow when tapped, mud tubes on exterior walls, and discarded wings near doors or windows. If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to contact us for an inspection.

Termites can cause significant structural damage to your property, often going unnoticed for years. They feed on wood, which can weaken the integrity of your home or building over time.

Our termite control methods in Seattle include thorough inspections, the use of termiticides, baiting systems, and preventive measures. We tailor our treatment plans to your specific situation for maximum effectiveness.

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety of your family and pets in all our treatments. Our methods are safe for occupants while being highly effective against termites.

We recommend regular termite inspections, typically once a year, to catch infestations early. In areas with higher termite activity, more frequent inspections may be necessary.

There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of termite infestations, such as eliminating moisture problems, removing wood in contact with soil, and maintaining a gap between soil and wood portions of your building. However, professional inspections and treatments are the most effective way to prevent termites.

Yes, we offer comprehensive termite prevention services, including pre-treatment for new constructions and preventive treatments for existing structures to keep your property termite-free.

Our specialized knowledge of local termite species and environmentally responsible approach to pest control sets us apart. We’re committed to providing effective, long-term solutions to protect your property from termite damage.

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